Undergraduate Courses

Not only the general education courses, but various lectures on biology will start in the very first year. All the bio-major students are required to take of Core Subjects of science which is a set of courses of foundation mathematics, physics, chemistry, earth science and biology, so that the students will be able to acquire basic science knowledge. For those who did not take biology courses in the high school curriculum, the department of biological science offers to the 1st year students very basic courses such as Evolution and Field Work and so on. In the Student Laboratory, students will expect to see a variety of living organisms. Basic Seminars for the freshmen offer chances of visiting laboratories of the science frontier and enjoying occasions you actually do experiments in the laboratories.

In the second year of the biological sciences curriculum, students will be expected to take more biology courses, such as Biology of Gene Expression, Introduction to Animal Physiology, Biological Chemistry A, Developmental Biology A/C, Introduction to Plant Physiology, Physics of Life, Gene Engineering, Animal Physiology A, Cell Biology A, and Introduction to Ecology.

In the third year are offered Bioinformatics, Biological Science B/C, Animal Physiology B, Protein Functions, Molecular Genetics of Eucaryotes 1/2, Developmental Biology B, Cell Biology B, Plant Biochemistry, The Frontier Science of Biology, Molecular Physiology, Environmental Plant Physiology, and Structural Biology. Those courses are given in the morning periods and in the afternoons from Tuesday through Friday students will spend most of the time in the student laboratories to learn advanced biological techniques. Most of the credits offered by the department can be consumed within the first three years, and most students will focus, in the 4th year, on Senior Studies, an individual study, and Reference Works, a literature survey in biology. There will also be a couple of courses offered for the seniors.

In the 4th year, all the bio-major students will decide laboratories where they will do their Senior Studies. They will practically join the laboratory and become a member of the laboratory. The Senior Study is not only the final goal of the undergraduate studies but also the very first step of the research experiences. Therefore, all the laboratories of the department are earnest and passionate in the education of the 4th year students, where most of the education is given in person to person. The study projects are carefully chosen from those that are currently undergoing and/or will be one of the future projects of the laboratory. In this sense, the 4th year students will be given a big chance and challenge to be exposed to the frontier biology.

To those who have acquired distinguished GPA, the department will grant a privilege to eligibility of taking the entrance examination of the graduate school when finishing the three year education in the department.