Let's Open the Door to a new world

We are currently amidst a revolution in Biological Sciences. Ten years ago, no one imagined that we could unveil the human genome. In 2001 the draft sequence of the human genome was completed, and we now know the genome sequence of hundreds of living things. Brand-new technologies and approaches are introduced into this quickly developing field day by day such as bioinformatics and systems biology. New phylogenic trees have been proposed using currently accumulating data. You can catch up with these developing areas as a member of the department. There are full of opportunities to make new exciting findings with the members of our department, 80 faculty stuffs, 100 undergraduate students, and 160 graduate students.

The department of biological sciences including the institute of protein research has pursued biological studies based on bio-molecules for over 50 years. In order to reform our previous research projects and overcome the challenges of modern biology, we have tried to establish interdisciplinary education and research by constructing a network department based on the study of bio-molecules. We are also establishing an international education program, the 21th COE program and Initiatives for Attractive Education program, supported by the government, which aim to construct international departmental exchange between researchers and students. We hope you will join our department and challenge to unveil the mysteries in modern biological discipline.

Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences
  Tatsuo Kakimoto