Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Biology (Plant Science)


Associate Professor
Hirozo OH-OKA
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Assistant Professor
Tetsuhiro ASADA
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Interdisciplinary Biology


Graduate School of Science


Toyonaka Campus

Research Theme

Three important problems of biology are energy transduction, signal transduction and morphogenesis. First, we are studying on molecular mechanisms of motor, pump and switch proteins. Secondly, we are studying on molecular mechanism of photosynthesis that supplies energy for functioning of proteins. Thirdly, we are studying on pattern formation in plant growth.

Dynamic Structural Physiology on Molecular Motor, Pump, Switch and Clock Proteins (Dr. T. Arata)

Studies on energy transduction of muscle at molecular level were started by Prof. Yuji Tonomura on 1952 (*01). Based on a view that protein undergoes biological functions by a use of its dynamic structure on a nanometer scale, we are studying on a supramolecular protein complex or interacting proteins during activity in solution or in a cell. As a member of advanced measurement and analysis project, we are developing site-directed mutagenesis-based spin labeling ESR techniques to map intersite distance, side-chain mobility and domain flexibility. We also use electron microscopy1a and small angle x-ray scattering to see molecular shape. Our interest is now focused on myosin-actin1a and kinesin-tubulin2c complexes, mycoplasma motor protein1a and calcium-switch troponin3a-tropomyosin3b-actin complex, and also on clock ATPases2b, and calcium1b or copper pump and photo-switch rhodopsin1b in membrane (*02). A variety of protein complexes are studied in collaboration.

Molecular Mechanism of Photosynthetic Light Energy Conversion (Dr. K. Oh-oka)

Photosynthetic energy conversion system is a key process carried out by pigment-associated protein complexes embedded in membranes. Our interest lies in understanding of molecular mechanisms how light energy is converted into chemical energy in phototrophs. We have two major research projects; (a) molecular structure and electron transfer mechanism in type 1 reaction center, (b) biosynthetic pathways of chlorophyll pigments.

Mechanism of Pattern Formation in Plant (Dr. T. Asada)

Under Construction.

0Biological Molecular Energy Transduction since 1952

1ESR Studies on Molecular Motion of Motor, Switch, Pump, and Clock Proteins.

2Analyses of energy and electron transfer mechanisms in photosynthetic reaction centers


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