Admission Policy

This program is designed to foster creative researchers who have sensibility and intellectual curiosity about the natural sciences and who enjoy the pursuit of truth. With a focus on the cutting-edge of basic science, the programs emphasize a research-orientated approach to create original, innovative findings with the goal of making a sustained contribution to humanity and quality of life from a global perspective. To this end, the programs aim to not only cultivate outstanding researchers in different fields of specialization, but also individuals who possess broad backgrounds in the natural sciences and who can demonstrate leadership in a wide range of social contexts through their problem-solving abilities and logical thinking. In addition, the programs aim to cultivate individuals who will have a strong sense of responsibility and ethics as scientists and technologists and who can make significant contributions to the international community.

This course is seeking applicants who have the following qualities:
1.Persons with an intellectual curiosity about the natural sciences, especially chemical and life phenomena 
2.Persons who enjoy searching for the truth 
3.Persons with acute intuition about nature and the ability to define problems precisely 
4.Persons with the ability to explore issues based on flexible and logical thinking 
5.Persons with logical thinking skills   
6.Persons who aspire to contribute to society as researchers or instructors.

Admission Information

The Special Integrated Science Course is a graduate program for students who have completed the Chemistry/Biology Combined Major Program at Osaka University or who are graduate students in biology, chemistry, and macromolecular science. The program is designed to train the next generation of cutting-edge scientists. The aim of this program is to expose young scientists to the state-of-the-art research skills and to accumulate in-depth knowledge of advanced topics in biology, chemistry and macromolecular science. This program encompasses both master and doctor courses and students may be enrolled in the departments of Chemistry, Biological Sciences, or Macromolecular Science. Students are expected to complete the courses sequentially in order to obtain both master's and doctor's degrees.
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