Access to our lab

Our lab is in Toyonaka campus.
You will see the Shibahara station in the map.
Our lab is jut 5 min walk form the station.
Our lab locates close to the red mark No. 5.
Our lab is in the fourth floor.

Access map of Toyonaka campus

From Shin-osaka station to Shibahara

Take Sinkansen to Shin-Osaka station.
Then take Kita-Osaka Kyuko railway to Senri-chuo station.
In Senri-chuo, the monorail station is in five minute walk distance.
Transfer to Osaka monorail and go to Shibahara station.

From Umeda(Osaka) station to Shibahara

Take express train from platform No. 4 or 5 or 6 at Hankyu Umeda station.
It will take 23 min to Hotarugaike station.
Transfer there to Osaka monorail. You are going to Shibahara station.
Shibahara is the next station to Hotarugaike.