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  1. 2011.5.17  Dr. Naomi Nakayama(University of Bern) gave us a seminar to us.

  2. 2011.5.06     Archana Kumari joined us as a Ph.D course student.

  3. 2011.4.11 Dr. Hirokazu Tanaka awarded the HFSP Career Development Award.

  4. 2011.4     Two papers (Furuta et al, and Kubo et al ) have been published at Plant Cell Physiology, and selected as editor choice papers!

  5. 2011.4      Tom joined us as a half-a-year exchange student.

  6. 2011.4      Kimika Nakao joined our lab as M1.

  7. 2011.4.02  A party celebrating age 77 of emeritus professor Hiroh Shibaoka.

  8. 2011.4.1   Cherry blossom party.

  9. 2011. 4.1. Dr. Kaori Furuta moved to Ykä Helariutta lab.

  10. 2010. 4. 01 An almna Kaori Dr. Kaori Miyawaki moved from Hasebe lab to Venugopala Reddy lab.

  11. 2011.4.01  Miss Yumi Wada has been moved to Yanagida group.

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The plant body is primarily formed in the shoot and root apical meristems, and organ primordia undergo cell proliferation to form mature organs. Our interests are how different meristem types, organ types and cell types are created and how tissues are organized. Basic architecture of plants is genetically determined, but plants flexibly change their size and number of units, depending on environments; and we study on this aspect also. The plant growth depends on self-organizing mechanisms involving interacting elements (genes, proteins and metabolites), thus we also aim to integrated understanding of plant growth.